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Warnings of humanitarian crisis in Yarmouk
Warnings of humanitarian crisis in Yarmouk
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Syria, ALRAY - An official from Palestine Red Crescent Society warned of a grave health disaster  in  Yarmouk refugee camp due to the  lack of medical and food supplies.

The reconciliation efforts failed to reach an agreement to stop hostilities in the camp.

All hospitals In the camp stopped working except Hospital of Palestine that works with the minimum possibilities due to lack of supplies and medical staff, the official added.

For his part, spokesperson of UNRWA, Chris Gunness, called all conflict sides to cease hostilities and allow immediately resumption of aid distribution.

Gunness confirmed that UNRWA is still very concerned about the humanitarian situation, and they have not been able to distribute food aids since last Sunday.

In a relative vein, The Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said that the surroundings of the Palestinian Kan al-Sheikh refugee camp was exposed to heavy shelling yesterday.

The camp’s inhabitants are suffering serious difficulties while trying to get food aids to be distributed in Sehnaya area that is far from them. As a result, they risk their lives by passing areas witnessing violent clashes.

According to the group, other refugee camps’ inhabitants are suffering from many economic crises, an ongoing blockade, power cut and high cost of living.

More than 122 Palestinian refugees died in Yarmouk refugee camp, south the capital Damascus due to the harsh blockade which has  imposed on it several months ago.