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Gazan reportedly infiltrated into 'Israel'
Gazan reportedly infiltrated into 'Israel'
Palestinians near the border with the Israeli occupation state (Safa Press archive)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation army arrested a Palestinian allegedly slipped through the security fence surrounding the Gaza Strip near the settlement of "Netiv Hasarah”.  

Local 'Safa Press' agency quoted Israeli sources as saying that the Palestinian was unarmed and he was moved to security services for questioning. reported on Monday that two Gaza men infiltrated into a kibbutz in Netiv Hasarah to the north of the Gaza Strip.

With today’s case, nine Palestinians were reportedly detained by Israel for  infiltrating through the security border in a week.

Israel keeps a buffer zone about 300 to 500 meters into the Gaza Strip, effectively turning a large areas of agricultural land into no-go zone.