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Israel remands detention of two ex-prisoner's siblings
Israel remands detention of two ex-prisoner's siblings
Shireen al-Issawi, sister of former hunger striker Samer al-Issawi (Safa Images)
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An Israeli court extended the detentions of Shireen Issawi and her brother Shadi Issawi without charge until March 13, a lawyer from the Prisoners' Club society said.

Both siblings were detained on Thursday evening in Israeli raids the al-Issawiyeh town of east Jerusalem, while clashes also left two Palestinians Ammar Obaid and Feras Obaid arrested.

Shireen and Shireen are brothers of ex-prisoner Samer al-Issawi, who nine-month hunger strike protest of his being detained without charge or trial attracted world attention.

On Thurday, Prisoner’s Club society said an Israeli force detained Shadi Issawi while on his work at a civil society where they fully inspected the place. The force also raided the home of Samer al-Issawi without arresting him.

Later, another Israeli patrol detained Shireen, sister of Samer al-Issawi, as she was at Birzeit University, north of Ramallah, the society added.

The Prisoner’s Club’s lawyer Mufeed al-Haj said in a statement that both Shadi and Shireen are being held in the al-Maskobia detention center. They have been issued a 24-hour arrest order pending a court hearing to be held tomorrow, Friday.

Shadi al-Issawi is himself an ex-prisoner.

Issawi was released from prison a month ago after going through an internationally observed 270-day hunger strike in protest at Israel’s holding of him without trial.

Israel arrested him soon after his release under prisoner exchange deal with Hamas in October 2012, which saw the release of 1047 prisoners.