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Updated: Gaza police hunt down post office robbers
Updated: Gaza police hunt down post office robbers
A post office in Gaza City (archive photo)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinan Police Service has hunted down three robbers of a post office in central Gaza City six hours after the crime.

The police spokesman confirmed to ALRAY that the robbers were transferred to the Jawazat police compound in Gaza City.

The doers managed to sneak into the office from the back, where a cemetery borders the office building, and shacked the office clerk and guard, local sources said earlier.

The incident happened just two days ahead of the scheduled date for receiving the salaries of the government employees.

Witnesses said the police rushed to the theft spot and started investigation.

The 46,000 employees of Gaza are have not been paid in full over the past four months.

Finance Minister, Ziad al-Zaza, says the government needs $45 million per month in payroll and operating expenses, but only $31 million is currently available.