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Concerns over two prisoners' health status
Concerns over two prisoners' health status
Dirar Abu Sisi
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs in Ramallah cautioned about health deterioration of two Palestinian prisoners.

The ministry’s lawyer, Ramy el-Alami, said that sick prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi held in solitary confinement in Eishel prison, was transferred to Israeli Soroka Hospital after his health status deteriorated.

Alami, who recently visited Abu Sisi, explained in a statement that Abu Sisi suffers from anemia and has problems in the heart, gall bladder, Stomach, kidneys and in the left eye.

He quoted the prisoner as saying that his doctors detected a harmful germ in the stomach and intestines, and prescribed a drug for him. As he took the course, he started to feel further pain after eating.

While Khader Dabaya jailed in an Eishel isolation cell, who was shot through his body, has psychological problems, the lawyer said.

The lawyer warned that Dabaya might die at any moment as rejects eating, talking, taking bath or changing his clothes.

Dabaya was detained in 2003 and sentenced to 16 years.