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Jordan threatens to release Daqasmeh in response to killing Zuaiter
Jordan threatens to release  Daqasmeh in response to killing Zuaiter
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Amman, ALRAY - Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Judeh denounced the incident of killing the Jordanian judge, Raed Zuaiter, and informed the Israeli embassy in Amman that the government of Jordan expects a clear report about the incident and asked for an immediate investigation, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Jordanian sources pointed out that "Jordan told Israel that it will resort to the release of soldier Ahmed Daqasmeh who killed and wounded several Israeli soldiers on the border between Jordan and Israel."

Meanwhile, dozens of Jordanians gathered “spontaneously” near the Israeli embassy to protest the shooting and demand tough measures by the government.

The protesters, who represented average people, along with political parties, chanted slogans demanding the cancellation of the peace treaty and closing down Israel’s diplomatic mission.

MPs on Monday expressed anger over the killing of Zuaiter, blaming Israel for the “heinous crime”.

The Palestine Committee in the Lower House issued on Monday a statement in which it condemned the incident, demanding the abolishment of the peace treaty with Israel and encouraged the government to expel the Israeli ambassador in Amman and call back the Jordanian envoy in Tel Aviv.

The House Rights and Freedoms Committee chairperson, Rula Hroub, condemned, in a statement carried by Petra, the violent, illegal act targeting a Jordanian civilian. She also expressed her condolences to the Zuaiter family.

Also on Monday, the Reform Bloc at the Lower House led by MP Mejhem Sqour issued a strongly-worded statement, demanding that the prosecutor general move quickly to file a case against the Israeli army.

Veteran MP Khalil Atiyeh described the incident as “very serious” and vowed that lawmakers will exert “maximum pressure on the government to expel the Israeli ambassador from Amman”.

Relatives and friends of Zuaiter said he was a calm person and never harmed anyone.

Judge Muwafaq Obeidat said he worked with Zuaiter for three years and was respected by his colleagues.

“We also went together to university; he is a man with high morals, and did not harm anyone,” Obeidat said, noting that Zuaiter is an only son.

According to his relatives, Zuaiter is a PhD holder in law and has two children; one of them was in hospital the day his father was killed.