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Israel closes Gaza crossings, vows 'tough attack'
Israel closes Gaza crossings, vows 'tough attack'
The Erez crossing between Israel and Gaza. Photograph: Harriet Sherwood for the Guardian
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation on Wednesday evening decided to close the two lone border crossings with the Gaza Strip.

Director of Borders Directorate in the Palestinian Authority Nazmi Muhanna told Safa Press Agency that “the Israeli authorities informed that the Erez and Karm Abu Salem crossing will be closed as from Thursday until further notice.”

The decision came four hours after Islamic Jihad’s armed wing Saraya Al Quds announced the firing of some 130 rockets on Israel in retaliation for Israel’s killing of three of its military wing.

Spokesman for the Palestinian government in Gaza warned Israel against any escalations.

"We hold the occupation accountable and warn of the consequences of any escalatory acts,” Mr Ihab al-Gusain said.

He reiterated the Palestinian resistance’s right to defend the Palestinian people against any aggressions.

In a related context, the Israeli occupation army approved ‘a tough response’ to the Islamic Jihad rocket attack, reported Israel Channel 10.

Gaza has been under severe economic Israeli blockade since 2007 where the imports and exports are severely restricted.