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61-year-old Palestinian detainee put on remand for 4th time
61-year-old Palestinian detainee put on remand for 4th time
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli authorities renewed the administrative detention of an aging Hebron citizen to three months for the fourth time.

Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies said in a statement that Husain Amr, 61, detained since July 13, 2013 has not been charged or tried, and suffers from high blood pressure, gout, rheumatism, and varicose.

The report pointed out that Amr was held under solitary confinement when he refused to be taken to court two weeks ago, thus was shackled and transferred to Ramle prison by force.

The repeated transfers of Amr have eventually left him held in Negev prison’s solitary confinement cells, the center added.  

The center warned against neglecting the health status of Amr who also suffers from diabetes and takes two insulin doses a day, holding Israel responsible for his life.

Palestinian group Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights said on February 20 that the number of Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli jails passed 200.

Usama Maqbol, a lawyer from the group, said that the rise in the number of administrative detainees is the result of an ongoing campaign of daily arrests of freed prisoners and leaders of Palestinian political groups.

Administrative detention refers to the tactic of keeping a prisoner without charge or trial for extended periods of time, often due to "security" concerns.

Israel routinely uses this tactic on detained Palestinians, even though international law stipulates it only be used in exceptional circumstances.