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Sisi adopts Dahlan, has tense relations with Abbas
Sisi adopts Dahlan, has tense relations with Abbas
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ALRAY - Raialyoum newspaper said Egypt has tense relations with Palestinian President Abbas due to his confrontations with dismissed Fatah leader, Mohammed Dahlan.

The newspaper quoted Egyptian sources, described as “authorized”, that Abbas talked with Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi about the necessity of revival of the Palestinian reconciliation. El-Sisi responded: “ let us not talk about the Palestinian reconciliation; we have to talk about Fatah reconciliation.” 

The sources pointed out that el-Sisi meant Fatah internal confrontations, especially with Dahlan. Abbas responded: "Fatah is OK", el-Sisi replied: “No, Fatah is not OK.”

The sources added that el-Sisi wanted to deliver a message to President Abbas that he shouldcancel the decision of dismissing Dahlan and let him rejoin Fatah.

The newspaper noted that el-Sisi received Dahlan at the headquarter of the Ministry of Defense in Cairo in reference to supporting and adopting him as the man of Egypt in Palestine.

In a relevant vein, the newspaper said that the reasons behind the anger of Egypt overFatah are reports said that Nabil Shaath, a Fatah leader, said during his recent visit to the Gaza Strip a month agothat what happened in Egypt in June 2013 is a military coup.

Some rumors said Egypt put Shaath on the banned list from entering Cairo although he denied the reports.