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Jerusalemite initiative to sue Israel on its repressive measures
Jerusalemite initiative to sue Israel on its repressive measures
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 Gaza, ALRAY - A Jerusalemite initiative under the name “ Worship is my  right” started on Wednesday aiming to expose Israel’s policies and violent practices against Palestinians,  Muslims and Christians, in Jerusalem in order to get thousands of signatures enough to sue Israel in the international courts .   

Israeli forces impose severe restrictions on the entry of people of Jerusalem and pre-1948 Palestine to al-Aqsa mosque and also prevent the people of the Gaza Strip and West Bank from reaching it.

They erected a number of checkpoints at the entrances of the holy city, hindering the movement of the West Bank citizens .

The Israeli occupation deprived also Christians from reaching the  the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by not giving them permits specially during holidays.

The owner of the initiative Amid Barahma said that it does not belong to any party but targets all the people of Palestine in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank to highlight the Israeli unfair and repressive measures against Muslims and Christians and the restriction on the freedom of movement through checkpoints.

He indicated that several youth volunteers participated in the initiative and they will exert their efforts to accomplish success.