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Abbas’s speech against Dahlan prevents Egypt median: newspaper
Abbas’s speech against Dahlan prevents Egypt median: newspaper
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ALRAY - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s latest speech against dismissed Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan aimed to prevent a strong Egyptian median to reconcile between them,“AlqudsAlaraby” newspaper said.

According to an authorized source, the newspaper said that Abbas allowed, for the first time, his speech to be airedonthe Palestinian official TV channel without any cut although it came during a closed meeting for Fatah members.

Abbas received many letters recently, transferred by Palestinian officials who visited the capital of Egypt, Cairo, calling him to launch a reconciliation with Dahlan and let him rejoin Fatah, the sources confirmed.

The sources added that Abbas’s latest speech created a state of dissatisfaction among Egyptian circles. This justified Dahlan’s appearance on Egyptian Dream TV channel to post a series of accusations against Abbas.

Abbas dismissed Dahlan -- who was accused of engineering a coup with US support that led to a counter-coup by Hamas in the Gaza Strip in 2007 -- from Fatah's central committee in 2010. He had previously been in charge of the security forces in Gaza.

In a speech in front of the Fatah council, Abbas accused Dahlan of being involved in the murder of six outstanding Palestinian leaders including  Seikh Shehadah of Hamas.