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Israeli drones intensify flying over Gaza airspace
Israeli drones intensify flying over Gaza airspace
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Gaza, ALRAY - Gaza Strip  witnessed an intensive and unprecedented  flying of Israeli drones  at different  heights , amid security warnings .

Palestinian security sources said  that Gaza strip has witnessed  since yesterday evening unprecedented flying of Israeli drones over the airspace of Gaza  , noting that they can be  heard  and seen clearly ."

The sources pointed out that all the provinces of the strip witness  intensive flying , noting that the  flying  is focused over western and eastern areas of most provinces .

The sources explained that the Gaza provinces of  Khan Younis and Rafah  have witnessed intensive flying of drones  more than others provinces .  The drones intensified its  flying  over  the ex-settlements in the western areas of Gaza  , the camps , and the eastern Townships of Gaza  Khuza'a , Absan ,  Bani Suhaila , al Qarara , the village of Um al-Nasser , al Shawka and al Fokhary .

Israeli F16 jets carried out mock raids over the airspace of Gaza from time to time , as well as the Israeli helicopters fly over  the eastern border line.

Witnesses said that loud sounds were heard as Israeli fighter jets roared low over Gaza, causing panic among residents.

Palestinian security services warned the civilians to exercise extreme caution.