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Israeli Labor Party suggests settlement freeze
Israeli Labor Party suggests settlement freeze
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli Labor Party presented  a proposal to the Israeli Prime Minister BenyaminNetanyahu provided the replacement of the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners release with settlement freeze.

Both MKs Ahilalk Bar and Omaeir Bar introduced the suggestionon on behalf of the party,  demanding the settlement freeze during negotiations.

The Israeli government took the wrong option previously because freezing settlement is less dangerous as the release of prisoners carry many security risks, according to the proposal.

Signatories of the proposal said, “the settlement freeze will receive support from the right wing,  claiming that relieving the suffering of the Israeli  bereaved families and saving the people’s life is more important than settlement construction.”

Journalist Ofer Shelah, member of Yesh Atid Party, suggested such a proposal  recently in a meeting with a group of students.

Some Likude ministers threatened to resign if the Israeli government released the fourth batch of prisoners, in an attempt to dissuade Netanyahu from the idea.