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Group: 2133 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria
Group: 2133 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria
Palestinians drowned off the Malta sea (File Photo)
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Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that it has documented the death of 2133 refugees in Syria since the events in that Arab country started until 22nd March 2014.

The group said in a statement that 888 refugees were killed due to shelling on places of residence, adding that detailed account of those killed would be published in early April.

It said, meanwhile, that three Palestinians were killed last Thursday due to continued shelling on refugee camps.

It said that Omar Hamawi was killed at the hands of a sniper in Aleppo while Ahmed Al-Mallah, from Yarmouk refugee camp, was killed under torture in the Syrian regime’s prisons.

The group pointed out that Kamal Mustafa, a resident of Khan Danun refugee camp, was killed in clashes between Syrian regular and free armies in Qunaitera town.

It said that frustration prevailed among Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp on Saturday after distribution of food aid was deferred.

Source: Palestinian Information Center