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Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
Palestinian refugee killed in Syria
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Gaza, ALRAY - A Palestinian refugee was killed on Tuesday evening due to the ongoing shellingof Syrian regime on the Palestinian refugee camps in Damascus.

The Action Group  for Palestinians in Syria said that Ahmed al-Darbi from al-Nairab refugee camp succumbed to wounds suffered in clashes erupted between the Syrian regime and the Free army in Aleppo .

The group stated that two bombs were dropped near al-Safadi mosque in the Yarmouk refugee camp causing big materialistic damages. Sounds of explosions were heard in the areas surrounding the camp.

It made clear  that the camp has been subjected to a tight siege for 257 days. Health and living conditions deteriorated in the camp in addition to the spread of jaundice and dehydration due to banning the entry of food and medical aids by the Syrian regime.

During the last months, about 136 died of malnutrition and lack of medical care in Yarmouk camp.