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Occupation sentences prisoner 28 months
Occupation sentences prisoner 28 months
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ًWest Bank, ALRAY - Israeli district court  in Jerusalem sentenced Jerusalemite prisoner Adli Daraghma,32, for 28 months accusing him of bomb-making and dropping bombs in Silwan town in Jerusalem.

Daraghma, a father of four children, was arrested on 27th February 2014 from his house in Silwan.

He is the brother of ex-prisoner Adnan Daraghma who served 24 years in Israeli occupation prisons and released in Shalit swap deal and the brother of ex-prisoner Othman Daraghma who served 17 years in occupation prisons.

In a relevant vein, Magistrate's Court judge extended  the detention of Palestinian Mohammed Ashaar,17, to Friday. Ashaar was summoned for questioning on Tuesday.