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Abu Mazaen has no control in WB: Bennet
Abu Mazaen has no control in WB: Bennet
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett launched Sunday evening a scathing attack against the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Bennet said sarcastly, “ Au Mazen has no economy as there is no security presence in the West Bank. He does not have sovereignty on the ground and he would not be able to remain in the West Bank for more than a minute and a half  in case the Israeli army(Israeli occupation forces) withdrew from it.”

He said during an interview last night on the Hebrew Channel, “ Does Abu Mazen think he does us a favor for not going to the United Nation?? Do whatever you want Abu Mazen.”  

“Abu Mazn knows clearly how many indictments will be directed against Fatah leadership if he heads there? I advice him not to threaten because he has interests more than us to continue negotiations,” he stressed.

He touched the news about the agreement of releasing the fourth batch of prisoners as well as to 400 other Palestinians in exchange for the talks, saying, “this news are not pre-empted its time we are not in April_ referring to April’s Fool.

“This will not happen and the Israeli occupation government will not pass it,” He said, pointing out that he is not against talks but against paying the price of these talks."