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MoI: 4000 Gazans applied for travel via Rafah crossing today
MoI: 4000 Gazans applied for travel via Rafah crossing today
An officer at the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing (Photo File)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Interior ministry offices in Gaza received four thousand travel applications on Wednesday, a government official said.

The registration for new departures through the Rafah crossing, the only connection with the outside world, has opened after a month of being closed due to the large number of applicants.

In a statement to ALRAY, Director of Crossings Administration in Gaza Maher Abu Sabha added that approximately 2,257 citizens were allowed into Egypt during the three-day opening this week.

He pointed out that the Egyptian authorities will open the crossing on Sunday and Monday to the fifth and sixth batch of pilgrims arriving from Mecca.

The Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing on Saturday until Monday following over seven weeks of closure.

Gaza pilgrims do not need to apply for travel at the interior ministry offices throughout the Gaza Strip, as they travel in coordination with the government of Ramallah.

Since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated elected president of Egypt, the Egyptian authorities have been closing the Rafah crossing constantly, only allowing for two or three days on a biweekly basis.

Two children have died as a result of the Rafah border closure since July 2013, the lasest of whom was three-year-old Ahmad Abu Nahl, who passed on Thursday, March 13.