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Prisoner Club reveals injection of prisoner when arrested
Prisoner Club reveals injection of prisoner when arrested
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Occupied WB, ALRAY - The Palestinian Prisoner Club Society(PCS) discovered that the Israeli occupation Forces(IOF) injected Palestinian prisoner, Yousef al-Khatib with a morphine when he was arrested.

Prisoner's uncle declared that they found a medical injection shot in the place of arrest. He added that Yousef suffered syncope and breathed fast and got violent blueness.

"We are sure that he was exposed to poisonous  spray on his face. However,  finding the shot assured that Yousef was subjected to injection and transferred on a brace with blood in his eyes," he said.

Abdullah al-Zaghari, the executive director of PCS, assured that the shot will be introduced to an international criminal investigation to define the material used against the prisoner, considering that it is too violent.

It is knownthat Yousef al-Khatib was arrested  when  IOF broke into  his uncle's homein Bayt-Jala on Wednesday at  dawn , deploying sniffers  and massive bombs. Khalid al-Khatib's  home was totally demolished.