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Prisoner's limb at risk of amputation
Prisoner's limb at risk of amputation
Husam Shaheen
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West Bank, ALRAY - The Family of Husam Shaheen, Palestinian prissoner, appealed the Human organizations and Red Cross to save their son's health , who might lose his right leg unless the Israeli prison sevices (IPS) offerred  him the appropriate medical treatment.

Shaheen family said in a statement Sunday that the IPS transferred Husam to al-Ramlah clinic as his health detariorated severly. He could no more walk on his leg.

Hosam's mother said that Israeli prison doctors told him that he suffers from germ in his leg, and they cannot do anything for him.

" Althogh his leg is broken and suffer of abscesses on it, the IPS keeps his legs and hands schakle," his mother explained.  

It is pointed out that Hossam Shaheen, from the West Bank city of Salfit,  has got his leg  broken in an Israeli hunt, after which he did not recive the appropriate medical treatment.