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Committee refuses trading prisoners' issue for extending 'peace talks'
Committee refuses trading prisoners' issue for extending 'peace talks'
Side from the stand which took place in Nablus. A man raising a slogan reading 'No for trading prisoners' issue for negotiations' (April 7, 2014: Safa Images)
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Gaza, Al Ray - A committee organized on Monday a stand in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners and in opposition of trading their issue for extending the negotiations with 'Israel'.

Dozens of activists and ex-prisoners participated in the event staged by the ‘High Committee for Palestinian Prisoners' Affairs’ in Nablus, Safa news agency reported.

They demanded the Palestinian Authority not to link freeing the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners with extending the negotiations based on ‘political blackmail’.

Khalid Al-Khandakji, the spokesman for commitee in a press conference urged Abbas to suspend the negotiations until all political prisoners are released.

“Abbas should head to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its practices against the prisoners such as solitary confinement and medical negligence ,” He added.

'Israel' refused to release The fourth batch of the pre-Oslo prisoners which were to have been on March 29, 2014 as a goodwill gesture to the Palestinian negotiators. 

Some 5000 Palestinian prisoners are held in Israeli jail. Over 150 of them are put under administrative detention, and 1,500 sick prisoners, including 27 with cancer.