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Gaza buys live cattle from Israel, denies ban on export of Australian to Gaza
Gaza buys live cattle from Israel, denies ban on export of Australian to Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Tahsin al-Saqqa, director of marketing department in the ministry of Agriculture in  Gaza, denied what the West Australian paper reported about  banning  the exporting of Australian  live cattle  to Gaza under the pretext of " mistreating ".

Al-Saqqa said to ALRAY  Wednesday   "the information that published on the west Australian newspaper  about stopping  exporting  a ship with 10,000 at Fremantle because cattle mistreating in Gaza is not true".

AlSaqqa  made clear that Gaza buys  the Australian cattle from  the Israeli occupation , explaining that  a footage of  Israeli company's worker released showing them while shocking the cattle with electricity in order to kill them.

 The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in Australia  revealed that it had not approved consignments of cattle for Gaza since November when it began investigating allegations raised in the Israeli media.

Logistics Support System in Australia said ,"the release of nine cattle from the supply chain was "unacceptable" and it suspended exports to the Gaza facility" ,andt abused cattle could be identified by their ear tags.

The allegations are serious and information obtained during the investigation is considered when assessing any application from any exporter to send livestock to Gaza," A Department of Agriculture  spokesman said.

Recently ,all exporters to Israel should react with additional conditions to ensure livestock are unloaded in accordance with international animal welfare standards.