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We seek lifting the siege, achieving reconciliation: al-Ghusein
We seek lifting the siege, achieving reconciliation: al-Ghusein
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Gaza, ALRAY - Spokesperson of the Palestinian government in Gaza Ihab al-Ghusein stated that the first priorities of the government now are lifting the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for nearly eight years, alleviating  the suffering of the Palestinian people and providing more services for them, continuing to protect resistance and marking 2014 to be the Year of Reconciliation.

He said: “the reason behind the siege is our people’s adherence to resistance, their rights, and the Palestinian constants.”

Referring to the reconciliation file and the Palestinian elections, al-Ghusein pointed out that Fatah and Abass’s actions were made for media purposes. “They have no real will to achieve the reconciliation especially in light of negotiations with Israel.” He said.  

“Hamas was very flexible in the Doha Summit in which it gave up the presidency to Abbas for the interest of the Palestinian people,” al-Ghusein added, “ we do not need new agreements or dialogues. We need them applied.”  

“How could we conduct the elections under two governments and authorities? Before elections, we have to form a government and stop the political arrests against resistance factions in the West Bank.” He wondered.

Al-Ghusein called on Egyptian authorities to open Rafah crossing permanently.

When asked: will the government in Gaza deal with al-Sisi in case he won the Egyptian election? he responded , “we were always dealing with the Egyptian intelligence during Mubarak, Mursi’s rule or even now. We do this for the interest of our people and issue; we do not interfere in the Egyptian’s interior events because the stability of Egypt concerns us.”