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Palestinian refugee dies of torture in Syria
Palestinian refugee dies of torture in Syria
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ALRAY - A Palestinian refugee was killed Saturday evening under torture in the Syrian regime prison ; Palestinian camps subjected to extensive bombing. 

Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said  Ahmed Taha from al- Yarmouk refugee camp was tortured to death  in the Syrian prisons on 10th April, pointing out that he was arrested in 2nd   April after leaving the camp to proceed his study.

Khan Danoun refugee camp in Damascus countryside was shelled with several bombs, the group added.

The Group added that an explosive bomb, exploded before one of the Palestinian houses, caused several physical damages in al-Yarmouk refugee camp.

Amnesty International said the Syrian army was using starvation as a “weapon of war” in its siege of Yarmouk, where it said nearly 200 people have died since the tightening of the siege, including 128 who starved to death.

It said Yarmouk was the deadliest of several blockades set up of civilian areas across the country, some by the army and some by Syrian rebels.