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IPS transfers Abu Sisi to Nafha prison
IPS transfers Abu Sisi to Nafha prison
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ALRAY - Israeli Prison Service (IPS) said that it is going to transfer, on Wednesday morning, prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi and two of his cell mates to Nafha prison.

Internal sources of the prison confirmed that the IPS is to transfer Abu Sisi, Dirar Abu Jamous and Islam Wishahi. IPS asked them to prepare themselves to be transferred today.

Leadership Movement of Prisons (LMP) called the Palestinian prisoners to start an open ended hunger strike two days ago in a solidarity movement to end the isolation of Abu Sisi and Ibrahim Hamed, where the IOF relented to the movement' terms which ended the isolation of the two prisoners and to transfer them to Nafha Prison. 

In response to harsh Israeli prison practices, such as administrative detention—imprisonment without trial or the continuation of imprisonment after the completion of a sentence—denial of basic living amenities, restriction of visiting hours, and solitary confinement, Palestinian detainees have been refusing food provided by the Israeli prisons inside and outside of the West Bank and Gaza.