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The Palestinian Authority: confused, frustrated and corrupt
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  • 08:04 19 April 2014
The Palestinian Authority: confused, frustrated and corrupt
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By Khalid Amayreh

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is experiencing a multi-faceted crisis at all levels these days. There is, of course, the chronic deadlock in the so-called peace-talks with Israel. Indeed, after more than 20 years of futile and fruitless talks, the PA leadership in Ramallah should have realized a long time ago the utter pointlessness of “negotiating peace” with the Zionist entity while the latter continues rather frantically to pursue the policy of lebensraum at the expense of Palestinians.

Needless to say, since the disastrous Oslo accords, Israel has more than doubled the number and size of Jewish colonies in the West Bank that there is no room left for the establishment of a truly viable Palestinian state worthy of the name. Moreover, the seizure of more and more Palestinian land continues unabated, even as PA officials meet with Israeli and American officials.

As to East Jerusalem, the contemplated capital of the contemplated Palestinian state, it has been thoroughly Judaized as hundreds of Jewish settlers have been transferred into the formerly exclusively Arab town.

It is really ludicrous to see how dishonest American “mediators” constantly demand that the Palestinians display more “good will” toward Israel at a time when Israel continues to steal Palestinian land in broad daylight.

But this is the American way of “honestly brokering peace” between the rapist and the rape victim! America, it seems, cannot betray its longstanding “ideals” of inflicting the inflicted and comforting the comforted. The consistent and unmitigated American embrace of nefarious Zionism-by way of giving the Zionist project in Palestine unlimited backing and support- simply kills any chance for true and durable peace in the region.

Hence, we have to be honest and frank with ourselves about peace with Israel and American involvement in trying to do the undoable, namely the growing conviction that reaching a dignified peace deal under existing political circumstances is next to impossible.

In the final analysis, Israel is intoxicated by its arrogance of power and Talmudic insolence. And the U.S., Israel’s guardian-ally, is not in a position to impose a deal on Israel or even convince her to allow for one that would give the Palestinian a semblance of justice.

The reason for that is the nearly complete Jewish domination of American political life, a fact that effectively transformed most American politicians into political whores, par excellence, serving Zionism and its Nazi-like goals.

I don’t understand why the PA allows itself (and its people) to be humiliated that much and for so long.

Is it a determination to sustain its survival despite everything? Or is it a certain desire on the part of PA officials and operatives to maintain their jobs and salaries, even at the expense of supreme Palestinian national interests?

Anyway we look at the PA; we are affronted with its incompetence, clumsiness, and corruptness.

Every time the PA says “No” or tries to say “No” to Israel’s whims, Israel tightens the financial and economic noose around the PA neck, mainly by stopping or suspending the transfer of tax revenue levied by Israel on goods imported by Palestinians through Israeli ports.

Normally, the PA reacts by making an outcry and by complaining to Washington and EU, which eventually convince Israel to lift the sanctions…but only in return for a given Palestinian concession.

The PA has always sought to project itself as “equal peace partner” vis-à-vis Israel. Similarly, Israel has always viewed and continues to view the PA as a vanquished supplicant and beggar. And by definition, beggars can’t be choosers.

The PA does have important bargaining chips to play to pressure Israel to show a modicum of respect toward the Palestinians. The close security coordination with Israel, whereby some 80,000 Palestinian security personnel are made to serve Israeli security interests, is a paramount factor as far as Israel is concerned. Indeed, Israeli cabinet ministers have repeatedly declared the repression of Israel’s active enemies amongst Palestinians, e.g. Hamas, represents the ultimate raison d’être of the PA as far as Israel was concerned.

Many Palestinians do view this ignominious “security cooperation” with the Palestinians’ enemy and tormentor as the ultimate act of treachery and betrayal to the Palestinian cause as well as generations of Palestinian martyrs from Izzidin al Qassam to Yasser Arafat.

Unfortunately, the current PLO and its regime in Ramallah seem to be too insensitive and too domesticated by the American-dominated new world order that they no longer accord much importance to questions pertaining to national dignity and honor.

As a practicing Muslim, I don’t believe the PA regime is capable of liberating Palestine and bringing salvation to the Palestinian people. The PA-PLO is just too contemptible to liberate Palestine from the clutches of the Jews.

In the Quran, we are told that “God will not make the work of the evil ones prosper”.

The PA regime is spreading moral laxities and decadence everywhere possible. A few years ago, Ramallah was a city like any other Arab-Muslim city in the Middle East. Today, thanks to the hedonistic PA mentality, alcoholic beverages are sold like bottled water in the streets of Ramallah.

Moral excesses are also conspicuous. Friends intimated to this writer that masked prostitution is already rife in some upscale districts in Ramallah. In fact, the PA is encouraging every form of decadent western culture in Ramallah- from alcoholic consumption to promiscuous mixing of men and women.

Unfortunately, this is happening while every non-conformist religious (Islamic) activity is harshly suppressed by the PA security agencies.

This week, for example, the PA forced a bus company in Hebron to cancel a spring journey the Islamic student bloc at the Polytechnic Institute had planned to make across the Green Line.

The draconian act has absolutely no legal or ethical justification. It was apparently taken on no account other than satisfying the anti-Islamic vindictiveness and hatred on the part of some local PA officials.

Similarly, PA security has been cracking down on preachers in mosques teaching people virtue and morality. The latest incident of this nature occurred at the main Mosque in al Bireh (Ramallah’s twin city) a few days ago when crack PA policemen stormed the mosque and beat worshipers for holding an “un-licensed activity.”

In short, the message the PA is trying to communicate to the people of Palestine states the following: You may get involved in all sorts of immoral and even promiscuous behaviors, but practicing Islam is a red and inviolable line.

But the question that begs itself is: Would such a despotic and unethical entity liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque from the shackles of Zionism?


Khalid Amayreh a journalist based in the Occupied Palestinian town of Dura. He obtained his MA in journalism from the University of Southern Illinois in 1983.