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'Israel' denies Palestinian leader 'reconciliation visit' to Gaza
'Israel' denies Palestinian leader 'reconciliation visit' to Gaza
Mostafa Barghouthi, General-Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative (
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Gaza, Al Ray - Israeli authorities refused to issue Mostafa Barghouthi, General-Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, a permit to enter the Gaza Strip with the reconciliation delegation.

A five-member delegation of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is scheduled to arrive in Gaza on Tuesday, including party leaders.

The delegation consists of Mostafa Barghouthi, Azzam al-Ahmad, the Fatah official in charge of reconciliation file, Munib Masri, an independent businessman, Jamil Shehadeh, an Arab Palestinian Front leader Arab Palestinian, Front leader and Bassam Salhi, the General Secretary of the Palestinian People's Party.

Barghouthi said in a statement to the Safa news agency that the so-called ‘Israeli Liaison Department’ informed the delegation that four of the delegation's members are to be allowed into Gaza, confirmed that he was rejected access.  

 “Israeli occupation issued a ban on entering Gaza in 2007,” Barghouthi said, citing the reason for their refusal.      

Palestinian Liaison Department continues to contact the Israeli side to negotiate issuing Barghouthi a permit, he confirmed.  

The delegation's visit is aimed to carry out the reconciliation agreement, concluded in previously in Cairo and Doha.

Dr Mostafa Barghouthi is a staunch supporter and a prominent participant of Palestinian non-violence  in the occupied West Bank.

He participates regularly along with Palestinian youths and international activists in the protests held against Annexation Wall, as well as Israel's eviction campaigns.