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Gaza interior ministry releases ten Fatah inmates
Gaza interior ministry releases ten Fatah inmates
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Gaza, Al Ray - The Ministry of Interior in Gaza released on Monday afternoon 10 Fatah members detained on security-related grounds at the request of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his Interior Minister Fathi Hammad.

General Director of Rehabilitation and Reform Centers at the ministry Atiya Mansour told Al Ray that this move came ahead of the arrival of a Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) delegation in Gaza to create an atmosphere of reconciliation.

Mansour added that there no inmates arrested on political grounds in the ministry detention facilities. 

He that there are only five remaining Fatah-affiliated prisoners, who were sentenced for security reasons, stating that his ministry will with all possible means work on achieving national reconciliation.

Released prisoner Awad Abed said this release is a positive step towards ending the “heinous” political division while released prisoner Farouq al-Aqdgham said this move should be followed by release all prisoners from Gaza Strip and West Bank prisons.