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Chilean delegation conduct surgeries at Gaza's European Hospital
Chilean delegation conduct surgeries at Gaza's European Hospital
Al Ray Photo File
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Gaza, Al Ray - Chilean medical delegation carries out 21 operations "in European hospital" in Gaza.

Chilean medical delegation conducted 21 surgeries at the European Hospital, south of the Gaza Strip, during his five day stay before leaving on Monday.

Al Ray reporter quoted Dr. Abdullatif Al-Haj, the hospital manager, as saying that most of the operations carried out by the Chilean doctors, who are specialized in pediatric orthopedics, were complicated and time-consuming.

He said that local medical staff benefited much from the delegation's expertise, in light of the crippling siege that inhibits medical experience exchange.

Members of the delegation expressed happiness that they contributed to narrowing the gap in professional capacities on the part of the Gaza physicians. 

They assured that they will continue to contact with the Gaza medical staff in order to develop their performance.

A recent government report stated that the number of solidarity delegations to Gaza has decreased by 95% since July 2013.