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Netanyahu attacks Abbas over reconciliation talks with Hamas
Netanyahu attacks Abbas over  reconciliation talks  with Hamas
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - The Prime minister of Israeli occupation Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the Palestinian Authority (PA) Monday evening over Abbas  threaten  of dissolving the PA and reconciliation talks  with Hamas.

Netanyahu said during the celebrations of Jewish holidays in the settlement "Or Akiva" built on Barrat Qisarya, a Palestinian town near occupied Haifa, " When they want peace, they should let us know. Because we want a lasting peace. "

He went on by saying that their policy is clear regarding their enemies which is - respond with immediacy and intensity," claiming that they are subjected to rocket attacks on their holiday.

 Netanyahu alleged that "The army will continue to hit Israel's enemies strongly in order to secure the people of "Israel".

Israeli occupation defense minister Moshe Yaalon warned Hamas and other factions in the Gaza Strip, saying that "they should maintain the truce unless  they will see Israeli retaliation."

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, who participated in Bayit Yehudi's Mimuna celebrations in Yavne, also lashed out the upcoming reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas. "We will not be extorted and we will not be threatened. Against the brotherhood of terrorism between Fatah and Hamas we have our own brotherhood, the nation of Israel."

 The peace process in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has taken shape over the years despite the ongoing violence which has prevailed since the beginning of the conflict. Since the 1970s there has been a parallel effort made to find terms upon which peace can be agreed to in the Palestinian–Israeli conflict.

Direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians began on July 29, 2013 following an attempt by United States Secretary of State John Kerry to restart the peace process.