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Five Palestinians died in Syria
Five Palestinians died  in Syria
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Gaza, ALRAY - Five Palestinian refugees died  Wednesday   as a result of torture and the incessant shelling against  Palestinian refugee camps in Syria.

Action group for Palestinian  of  Syria reported  in a statement   that Radwan  Jbasina, and Bassam  Sahin from Ala'deen camp in Homs, and Rajab Alosod from  Neirab camp died  of torture in the prisons of the Syrian regime .

 The group said that Mohammed  Abdullah and Mahmoud  Joseph  died of  their wounds  sustained in a  bombing against  Dara'a camp .

Noting that  the members of  Free Army released  Kefah Abu Sweden from   Khan Dannoun camp after  arresting him  for several days.

The Syrian regime  security released   Ali al-Khatib,  who was arrested   for several months in Syrian prison.