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PA to face political and financial problems next months: Abbas
PA to face political and financial problems next months: Abbas
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Palestinian president Mahmud Abass Said Sunday that although he expects to face a difficult political and financial months, he will form a unity government with Hamas and hold a general elections, explaining that he will begin to form the new government in days.

The PLO central council discussed in a close- door session the controversy issues for two days , which include dissolving the Palestinian authority , replacing it with the name of State, peace negotiations with Israeli, elections, security cooperation with Israel , and the national reconciliation.  

The central council members backed   Mahmud Abass decisions  regarding the national  reconciliation, elections and peace negations, while the issues of  dissolving the Palestinian national authority , announcing the Palestinian state, and stopping the security cooperation with Israel were  postponed under Abbas request.

The members discussed the political and legal impacts of replacing the Palestinian national authority with the Palestinian state under occupation.

Abbas said to the members that they could  face a political and financial difficulties in the coming months as a result of signing the reconciliation pact with Hamas. He put stopping Israeli illegal settlements projects, releasing the fourth patch and demarcating the borders as conditions to reset on the peace negotiation table, blaming Israel for the failing of the negotiations.