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UNRWA condemns killing the refugee children in Syria
UNRWA condemns killing the refugee children in Syria
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Gaza, ALRAY - Christopher Gans the official spokesman for the Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)  condemned the  killing of three children of Palestinian refugees in different parts of Syria, and called on all fighters  to comply with international law to protect civilians.

He said in an interview with  ALQuds Alrabi  that ," These killings tragically illustrate the callous disregard of the laws of war which is resulting in the deaths of so many Syrian and Palestinian children."

On 18 April, an eleven year old Qusay Shuraieh, sustained serious head injuries when a vehicle-borne explosive device detonated near Bilal Al-Habas mosque in Homs. He fell into a coma from which he never recovered, and passed away on 22 April in Bisan Hospital in Homs camp.  His family had found refuge in Homs camp after being displaced, initially from Ein Al Tal Palestine refugee camp in April 2013, and subsequently from Aleppo in February this year.  Qusay’s twelve-year old brother was also seriously injured in the same explosion, along with seven other Palestine refugee children between the ages of six and fourteen.  

In Dara’a city, on 22 April, Malek Hasan Turani, also eleven years of age, was caught in an explosion as he walked home from school with friends and family. He was killed instantly when he was struck in the head by shrapnel from the explosion.

On 10 March, seven year old Nureiddin Majed Al Khalily was gravely injured when what appeared to be a stray bullet struck the back of his head as he walked home from an UNRWA school in Homs Palestine refugee camp, accompanied by his nine-year old brother. He instantly fell unconscious and remained so until his death in the early hours of 15 March at Al Zaiem Hospital, Homs. Noureddin’s family are long-time residents of Homs camp.

Gans did not give any figures for the number of Palestinian  refugee children who were killed in the conflict in Syria for more than three years and  said , 'We do not keep a record of the number of deaths of children since the  conflict still exists and our main mission is to provide humanitarian assistance and basic services".

He thanked  the forces on Yarmouk refugee camp , who  allowed  the entry of UNRWA  in the past few days and eased  delivering   aids to the people. He  hoped that the conditions would be better  when the Secretary-General submit its third report on the implementation of resolution no. 2139 at the end of May.

Gans said "  The latest report submitted by the   secretary-General  reflects a grim picture of the humanitarian situation across Syria, including the Yarmouk refugee camp."

UNRWA’s thoughts are with the families of Noureddin, Qusay and Malek during this sorrowful time of bereavement.

UNRWA issued statement  about the death of three children ,"The tragic deaths of Noureddin, Qusay and Malek epitomize the reckless disregard for human life that defines the armed conflict in Syria. Their deaths resulted from the indiscriminate use of extremely lethal weapons and explosive devices in civilian areas, in violation of international humanitarian law and the obligation to protect civilians".

In the strongest possible terms, UNRWA reiterates its demand that all parties to the Syria conflict comply with their obligations under international law and desist from conducting conflict in civilian areas.

These and other legal obligations were underscored in UN Security Council resolution 2139 of 22 February 2014.

UNRWA calls again on the parties to avoid recourse to violence and armed conflict and to seek a resolution of the Syria conflict through dialogue and political negotiations.