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Israeli organization steals Palestinian lands in Negev
Israeli organization steals Palestinian lands in Negev
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Gaza, ALRAY - Al-Kakal a Zionist organization is launching a cold war through  buying the Palestinian lands secretly in a way similar to Mossad’s.

Israeli channel 10 revealed that the organization appoints an Arab deputy, his name is kept anonymous, to buy Negev lands and gave him in return large amounts of money. 

The channel reported that there are serious corruption issues inside al-Kakal including scam, exploitation, buying receivables within the institution called "Jewish National Fund" (JNF).

“Kakal owes 12% of the Palestinian lands as a private property. No Governmental or judicial party dare to object it or use the lands it controls.” Head of the popular committee for the defense of land and housing Ahmed Melhem said.

The Kakal was established in 1901. It is specialized in collecting the funds to buy the Palestinian lands for the construction of Israeli colonial settlements.