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PCHR: 2014 sees spurt in press violations against Palestinian journalists
PCHR: 2014 sees spurt in press violations against Palestinian journalists
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Gaza, Al Ray - Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said ‘Israel’ committed 135 violations against the Journalists across the occupied Palestinian territories during a quarter and one years.

The center in a report issued on the ''World Press Freedom Day'' said a significant increase in press violations by the occupation military apparatuses has marked the period between January 1, 2013 and 31 March, 2014.  

All of the attacks committed were premeditated and by use of excessive force, without taking into account the principles of distinction and proportionality, or being justified by a military necessity.

They were varied between the violation of the right to life and personal safety of journalists, beatings and other means of violence, humiliation and degrading treatment, the report pointed out.

It added, ''We have documented other forms of violations such arrests and detentions, seizures of equipment, travel bans, and home raids or ransackings.”

The center also spotted 39 firings by the Israeli forces that resulted in the injury of 31 journalists, 22 cases of beating or degrading treatment, 46 cases of arrest and detention, 15 cases of preventing journalists from reporting human rights abuses, 9 cases of seizures of equipment, press ID cards, or news materials, and 4 cases of home raid. 

With these stats, the overall attacks and violations carried out by the Israeli occupation ever since the First Intifada – which sparked on September 28, 2000- rose to 1641, the sencer confirmed, saying that dozens of attacks could not be documented.

UNESCO World Press Freedom Day on 3 May has been for many years a rallying point for journalists, campaigners and human rights activists to raise awareness about the need for media freedom and the right to free expression.