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Palestinian vehicle vandalized, tires slashed in 'price tag' attack
Palestinian vehicle vandalized, tires slashed in 'price tag' attack
The vandalized car of Hassan Sobach
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Gaza, ALRAY - In recent but not last incidents, the car of Acre resident  Hassan Sobach  vandalized Saturday at a parking lot near Nahal Hashofet , in the north of occupied Palestine. The vehicle's tires were punctured and graphitized with the words "price tag" and a Star of David.

 "I came with my family to tour the area," Sobach said.  "We had a good time, but the end of the day was very disappointing. The situation is bad; we hear about price tags on a daily basis and there is no one to stop the perpetrators."

 Sobach explained that the Israeli occupied authorities have not put an end for such attacks carried out by extremist Jews and settlers.

 "The sad part is that it could happen repeatedly. It's about time someone stopped these lawbreakers," he said.

 The incident is the latest in a series of similar attacks over recent weeks that have spread into areas inside pre- 1948 occupied Palestine. On Tuesday, the tires of dozens of vehicles were slashed in Fureidis, and a Star of David and the writing 'Close mosques, not yeshiva' was spray-painted on the wall of the town's mosque.

“Price tag” is a term used to describe acts of vandalism and violence associated with the settler movement in retaliation for Palestinian attacks and to protest what they perceive as the Israeli government’s pro-Palestinian policies. Mosques, churches, dovish Israeli groups .