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Palestinian journalist and a lieutenant killed in Syria
Palestinian journalist and a lieutenant  killed in Syria
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Syria, ALRAY - A Palestinian journalist killed Saturday evening under torture in Syrian regime prison and a Palestinian lieutenant of   Palestine Liberation Army  shot dead by the Free army, Action group reported.

Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement that Belal Belal, 30, from Muadamiyat al-Sham was killed under torture in the Syrian regime prisons. The Air Force Intelligence Directorate forces arrested him in 2011 and been trialed before the military field court which sentenced  him to 15 years.

The group also reported that Mohammed Alyouti, first lieutenant in the Palestinian liberation army, shot dead by the Free army.

It pointed out that clashes between Syrian regime army and opposition, erupted in al-Nayrab refugee camp, caused much horror and terror to citizens.

In Yarmok refugee camp, subjected to a blocked for more than 295 days, small quantities of  food aids were distributed and a little number of humanitarian cases were allowed to leave  to Damascus hospitals to receive treatment.

Yarmok's residents lack medical care, supplies and staffs. They suffer the cut of electricity for more than a month in addition to mobile communications and internet services.