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Int'l activists mobilize for administrative detainees on social media
Int'l activists mobilize for administrative detainees on social media
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Gaza, Al Ray - Activists worldwide launched on Friday "مي_وملح" Campaign - meaning ‘Water_and_Salt’ - in 14 languages ​​to show solidarity with Palestinians on an open hunger strike for 16 days.

The campaigners will mobilize for the hunger-striking Palestinians, who are protesting the policy if administrative detention illegally pursued by Israeli courts against them, on special media platforms.

The initiative arose out of the need to expose the suffering of 130 administrative detainees internationally, in an attempt to mount pressure on the Israeli authorities to respond to the detainees’ demands. 

There are currently 175 Palestinians in administrative detention, including 11 MPs, elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

‘Administrative detention’ usually targets Palestinian politicians, activists and academics, who can be held for up to six months without charge or trial, based on secret evidence which neither they nor their lawyers have access to.

Frequently, the order under which they are held is renewed on or just before their detention is due to end. This process can be continued indefinitely. At least half of ‘administrative detainees’ never have a trial.

The hashtags used by the activists were as demonstrated in the photo below: