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Mass protests condemn Peres visit in Norway
Mass protests condemn Peres visit in Norway
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ALRAY - Israeli occupation President Shimon Peres's visit to Norway encountered with mass protests called for expelling him.

The protests were organized Tuesday by the popular human rights organizations and leftist parties.

26 human rights organizations and Norwegian leftist parties issued a joint statement to express their anger over Peres visit because of the Israeli continued violations against the Palestinians.

The statement criticized the Norwegian government that invited Peres, pointing out that the Israeli occupation continues the human rights violations and settlement policy in the Palestinian occupied territories.

The statement called on the Norwegian government to try Peres and the Israeli soldiers instead of inviting or honoring them.

The demonstrators gathered outside the royal palace to condemn the meeting of Peres with King Harald V of Norway.

The protesters are to organize more demonstrations during the visit period that will last for three days.