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Committee to probe police attack against Nakba protesters
Committee to probe police attack against Nakba protesters
Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Mr Iyad Buzum,
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Gaza, Al Ray - The interior ministry formed a committee to investigate the border police’s use of force against journalists and citizens who approached the border fence in Nakba protest.

Spokesman for the ministry, Mr Iyad Buzum, said Friday in a statement that the committee will start probing into the incident on Saturday to find out what happened and bring the offenders to account.

"We admit when we make mistakes and do not accept injustice whatever its source is; we promise to be always biased to the right and be at your side and live up to your good expectations,” Buzum said.

The interior minister, Dr Fathi Hammad, is a member of the committee, according to the spokesman.

Head of the Border Forces Jamal al-Jarrah said in a facebook post that "there is no justification whatsoever for the assault on journalists," stressing that it is the duty of the security forces to protect journalists, not to attack them.

Palestinian youths of “Intifada Youth Coalition” moved in tens to the eastern border of Gaza City in a protest to commemorate the 66th anniversary of Nakba and were faced by a police crackdown as they approached the fence.