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Gaza official: Number of travel applicants rises to 15,000
Gaza official: Number of travel applicants rises to 15,000
Palestinians at the Rafah crossing hall waiting for their names to be called as Egypt extremely limited openings of the crossing during the past few months (Al Ray File)
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Gaza, Al Ray - The Gaza citizens registered for travel in the Interior Ministry records totaled 15,000, said Director of Border Crossings Administration Maher Abu Sabha.

Abu Sabha explained in a statement to Al Ray that “Seven thousands have applied at the ministry public administration office for travel during the past week,” to join eight thousands previously applied, bringing the total number of applicants to 15 thousand Palestinians. 

All citizens registered for travel are classified as patients, humanitarian cases, foreign passport holders, and oversees students, he added.

Contacts with the Egyptian authorities are ongoing to facilitate an opening of the Rafah crossing -the lone land port through which Gaza people can travel-, Abu Sabha said.

The administration opened registration for those wishing to travel from last Sunday through Thursday.

The Egyptian authorities continue to close the Rafah crossing for the seventh day in both directions.

Since July 2013, the Egyptian authorities only open the crossing two or three days at ten-day intervals.