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Palestinians, Arab activists mark 4th anniversary of Mavi Marmara attack
Palestinians, Arab activists mark 4th anniversary of Mavi Marmara attack
Side from the press conference held at the sea port, where a monument for the Mavi Maramara martyers is established (Al Ray Photo: May 19, 2014)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Dozens of Palestinians and Arab activists Monday marked the 4th anniversary of the Israeli massacre on board the Turkish vessel of Mavi Marmara in the international waters, staging a march of boats.

Members of Miles of Smiles and Lifeline convoys, which accessed the Strip on Sunday evening, participated in the event, organized by the Popular Committee to Break the Siege.

They raised Palestine and Turkey flags and banners calling for the international community to lift the Israeli siege on Gaza which entered the eighth years and turn to the humanitarian situation of Palestinians there. 

The participants also urged the governments in Gaza and the West Bank to put the utmost effort to end the internal division, which is of interest only to the Israeli occupation.

Popular Arab Patronage

Head of the committee, Dr Jamal al-Khodari said in a press conference prior to the march start that the presence of multi-national Arab activists signifies the popular Arab patronage of the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that the Israeli blockade affects all segments of the society in Gaza: the children, the infants, the women, and denies them basic life needs of electricity and water.

Call for Unity

Spokesman for the Miles of Smiles (27) convoy Essam Youssef said May 31 will be international world day of freedom for Gaza and 2014 will be the year for freeing Gaza from the blockade.

The Palestinian people would not triumph over the occupation without unity, he added, asking the Palestinian Authority to unify the efforts in order to achieve unity.

Witness to the Murder

Head of the Jordanian ‘Lifeline’ convoy Kefah Amayreh said these convoys are an expression of solidarity with the steadfast citizens of the Gaza Strip. 

Amayreh, an eyewitness to the Israeli attack on the Turks, said "the navel forces stripped us of our cloths, illuminating us into how the [Israeli] soldiers are trained to kill and torture.”