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Three alternatives to peace negotiations: Rajoub
Three alternatives to peace negotiations: Rajoub
Jibril Rajoub the member of Fatah central committee
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Gaza, ALRAY - Jibril Rajoub the member of Fatah central committee said that Israeli intransigence stand behind  the failure of the  Palestinian – Israeli peace  talks  which did not achieve anything for the benefit of the Palestinian front .

 He said in a lecture held Monday in Doha that Palestinian Authority would not resume peace negotiations if Israeli occupation does not release the fourth patch of Palestinian veteran prisoners and freeze settlements construction process on the Palestinian land including the occupied east Jerusalem.

 He explained that the Palestinian national reconciliation is an irreversible strategic decision that will bolster  the legitimacy of the Palestinian political system.

 He  suggested three alternatives to peace talks which up to his point are to impose an international trusteeship over the Palestinian lands , to resort to  a regional integration that is capable to support the Palestinian cause , and to set up an interior national front that the  popular resistance is its weapon  against the Israeli occupation.

" It is the time to put an end to the Israeli occupation which has been since 1948 " he said , stressing on the Palestinian right of self determination.

 He  ,as a Fatah member,  believes  that Palestinian cause follow three tracks in achieving its goals. The national , regional tracks and the two state solution.


The national track  is achieving the national reconciliation  which is on process ,  while the regional track seeks to establish an integration network with the Arab regimes far away from the political pressure , and  to maintain commitment to the Arab Peace Initiative.  

He explained that the Palestinian liberation Organization is the sole representative of the Palestinian people.

Regarding Hamas and Jihad role he explained that " PLO will be reformed on the bases of political and national agenda so that all Palestinian factions could have their representatives in it."

 Rajoub hold Palestinians the responsibility of maintaining the national reconciliation , " those who try to reinforce the internal split are criminals," explaining that Palestinian reconciliation is a political matter needed a protection.