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‘Israel’ releases three Palestinians to Gaza, West Bank
‘Israel’ releases three Palestinians to Gaza, West Bank
Palestinian prisoner Najeh Meqbel (R) is welcomed by his mother and family members after he was released from an Isreali prison, in the al-Aroub refugee camp, just north of the West Bank town of Hebron (October 2013: EPA Photo)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Two Palestinian women prisoners from the occupied West Bank and a man from Gaza Strip have been released from Israeli jails after serving their sentences. 

One is Ayat Mahfouz (22) from Hebron, who was arrested on 8/9/2013 and sentenced for 10 months in prison. She was relieved from two month after she lost sight in one of her eyes.

Woman prisoner Maram Hassounah, 19, from Nablus was released on a 5000-NIS bail. She is a first year university student of al-Najah University and was arrested on 30/11/2013.

Gaza prisoner Eyad al-Khalili, 32, was also set free after serving a 10-year sentence.