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Man Used WhatsApp Group to Attack Arabs
Man Used WhatsApp Group to Attack Arabs
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AP - The Israeli Jerusalem District Police indicted Haim Gamliel, 24, and three minors, who under the assumed name Yossi Cohen, used several WhatsApp groups and a Facebook page called “Jews Against Assimilation” to organize attacks on Arabs for racist reasons.

The indictment attributes to Gamliel charges of conspiring to carry out a crime for racist motives, and assault, it turns out that the messages sent in the group were aimed at finding and reporting incidents of “assimilation” and rescuing Jewish girls,” and called for attacking Arabs.

Gamliel’s conviction was made possible following a police investigation, after an Arab worker in a store selling handbags in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim quarter was attacked. The attack, by three youths aged 16-17, took place in January. The three were arrested about a week ago, and confessed and said they had beaten the man “because he is an Arab,” and said they were sent to the site by the WhatsApp group run by Gamliel.

Before the attack, Gamliel wrote in the group: “We are a very right-wing organization who hate the idea that Arabs hunt Jewish girls, so we opened a Facebook account of a very pretty, attractive Jewish girl, and she is indeed attractive — she’s attracted many Arabs, sets times and places to meet with them, these terrorists arrive and don’t get anything but a beating.”

The police and GSS agents investigating the price tag incidents in the past month in Yokneam arrested another four suspects and the police are checking their role in the incidents.