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Committee: Arab schools in Israel lack thousands of classrooms
Committee: Arab schools in Israel lack thousands of classrooms
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The Follow-up Committee on Arab Education in the pre-1948 occupied Palestine (Israel) stated that the Arab schools in Israel suffered from the lack of classrooms compared with the Jewish schools.

The committee explained that the Arab schools lack 6500 classrooms, which negatively affected on the educational level of students.

The Israeli authorities refused to give permissions for establishing Arab schools and classrooms. The committee added.

Head of the Mosawa Center for Arab Rights in Israel, Jafar Farah pointed out that the administration of the Arab schools used the schools' laboratories, teachers' rest rooms and public libraries as classrooms to overcome the lack.

''Due to this fact, there are many students who dropped out the schools,'' Farah expressed dismay.

In this respect, the Israeli MP Jamal Zahalka said that the fair investment of the Arab educational institutions would solve the ongoing problem.

Taub Center for Social Policy Studies stated that the Israeli Arabs accounted for 24.2% of all elementary school children in 2000, a figure that grew to 27% in 2013.