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Gaza fisherman injured in Israeli navy attack
Gaza fisherman injured in Israeli navy attack
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Gaza, Al Ray - The Israeli occupation navy on Monday fired on Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of northern Gaza governorate, injuring a Palestinian fisherman, a medical official has said.

Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said in a statement that the fisherman sustained moderate injuries as a result of the Israeli naval firing on his boat.

Gaza fishermen are subject to repeated Israeli unfair measures that including arrests and reduction of the fishing zone.

In the Oslo Accords, Israel agreed to a 20-nautical-mile fishing zone off Gaza's coast but it imposed a 3-mile limit for several years, opening fire at fishermen who strayed further.

‘Israel’ has controlled Gaza waters since its occupation of the area in 1967, and has kept several warships stationed off the coast since 2008.

Of the Gaza Strip's roughly 1.8 million inhabitants, about 40,000 earn their living from fishing, according to the Palestinian Fishermen's Union.