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Life in Gaza has become unbearable: OIC
Life in Gaza has become unbearable: OIC
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Gaza, Al Ray - The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said that life in the Gaza Strip has become unbearable beause of the the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation and the closure of crossings. 

In its monthly report issued Tuesday in Arabic, the OIC appealed to the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah crossing 24/7.

The report said the Egyptian authorities opened Rafah crossing for 11 days only since early 2014.

The organization said a survey it conducted through the besieged enclave found that 7873families have orphans, and the number of orphans was found at  22776, with the males making up 51%, and the females 49%.

As for the Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, the report revealed that the Israeli aircraft raided the besieged enclave more than 15 times in April.

The raids caused considerable damages to 26 houses, seven civil cars, three plumping and blacksmithing workshops, and 18 heads of cattle, it added

In terms of electricity crisis, the report said the amount of the Qatari fuel allowed via Kerem Shalom (Karam Abu Salem) crossing used to run the power plant was limited due to repeated closure of the crossing during Jewish holidays.

The report also pointed to reduced number of  humanitarian projects carried out in the Strip, due to the lack of finance.

About 13,000 Gazans are registered in the Interior Ministry records as travel seekers. Egypt cites security situation in the Sinai Peninsula and the non-consensus among Palestinians as reasons to reduce the working days of the Rafah crossing, the sole Gaza connection to the outside world.