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Report: 60 % of child mortality in 'Israel' are Arabs
Report: 60 % of child mortality in 'Israel' are Arabs
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AlRAY - A report from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics and Btirm Association shows that the Arab child mortality rate reached threefold in comparison to the Israeli child mortality rate.

The report indicated that 60 percent of the dead children in "Israel" are Arabs.

The report was issued after Arab MK Masoud Ghanayem called for holding a session for Child Parliamentary Committee in the Israeli Knesset to discuss the situation of the Arab children.

Depending on the report, most of Arab deaths are aged 0 to 5.

Despite the Arab children rate reached less than 25 percent of the total number of the children in Israel, Arab child mortality rate is more than sevenfold compared to the Israeli child rate.

The report unveiled that 197 Arab children (0-17) out of 332 died due to road accidents.

37 out of 81 died of drowning, 21 of suffocation and 14 out of 37 of falling.

The report noted that 32 children, including 19 Arabs, died due to poisoning.

14 including 9 Arabs were stabbed to death, 11 Arab children out of 18 were subject to fatal blows.

13 other Arab children died due to sunstroke and electricity, while 32 out of 81 died of ambiguous reasons.

The report stated that 63 Arab children out of 113 died in 2008. In 2009, 106 children including 51 Arabs died. 81 Arab children of 161 died in 2010, while 60 out of 120 died in 2011.

In 2012, 57 Arab children out of 121 died, while 65 children out of 109 died in 2013.