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Activists stage solidarity stand with administrative detainees in Los Angeles
Activists stage solidarity stand with administrative detainees in Los Angeles
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ALRAY - The Palestinian-American community in Los Angeles Monday staged a stand-in in solidarity with the Palestinian administrative detainees who have been on a hunger strike since last April 24.

Within the stand, the participants had salt dissolved in water referring to the symbol of the hunger strike.

The participants confirmed that the Palestinian community is wholeheartedly with the prisoners. They appealed to the international community and organizations to pressure on "Israel" as the health of Palestinian prisoners is seriously deteriorating.

Shaheen Sha'at, the leader of Fatah in America, confirmed the necessity of supporting the detainees and their just cause to force the occupation and the Israeli prison service (IPS) to submit to the international laws that deny the administrative detention policy.

Palestinian artist, Fadel Ayyoub, showed the activists an encaustic of him entitled "Water and Salt". A Palestinian child also lighted a candle and said, "I presented this candle to my prisoner uncle, Maslama Thabet."

Hundreds of administrative prisoners joined in the strike for their 40th day in a row and their lives are in extreme danger, where they demand the Israeli authorities to release them and end the administrative detention unjust policy.

On April 24, around 120 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails declared a hunger strike to protest their administrative detention.

In all, 180 of around 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are being held under administrative detention.